Nelly Furtado’s “Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)” is Not About Earrings…

There is something uncannily irresistible about Nelly Furtado’s single “Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)” from her upcoming album The Spirit Indestructible due September 11, 2012 (The Spirit Indestructible (Deluxe Edition)). The question is, do you really know WHAT you are listening to and singing along as you are driving in your car and this sick beat starts your head a nodding?  While the title of “Big Hoops” suggests that it is about bling-bling (an innocent, clean topic I suppose), Furtado clearly creates one of the more clever sensual songs in sometime without using three or four letter words (well she does mention ‘sex’ at some point but not even necessarily in the context you’d expect).

The first reason why we know that ‘earrings’ are only secondary to Furtado’s message is that Furtado keeps repeating “bigger the better, bigger the better…” over and over.  Why would anyone ultimately give a care about how big Nelly’s hoops are? That would be ‘so what’ fodder easily. I mean don’t get me wrong, fashion is important and even relevant in the screw-ball video for the song (linked below), but obviously Furtado is referring to something else (Think Joe Nichol’s “Size Matters” if you are confused by the reference).  Let’s just say that Ms. Furtado is picking up where she left off in 2006 after being “Promiscuous” with Timbaland, after being a “Maneater,” and after “Say It Right.” 

“…Bigger the Better…” repeated over and over is most definitely sensually derived; earrings are just a clever, radio-friendly reference.  Furtado goes on to sing “…I don’t wanna talk about sex/Wanna express myself tonight…” Well, I guess that’s fine, since she’s got her popping, big bling bling on, Um ok… But then I have to ask the question, why does Furtado even mention ‘sex’ lyrically? All part of her ‘motives’ for this song.  Then, Furtado goes on in the next breath to say “I can go fast, I can go slow/I can go places nobody else goes/I can move fast/I can move slow/I can go places nobody else goes/Everybody say hey, they goin’ at it all night and day…” So, apparently everything has to do with tempo, though after several references to the sensual, you know what Nelly is getting at. I mean, what does tempo have to do with ‘big hoops’? The ‘high road’ suggests Furtado is talking about being ‘patient’ or being ‘quick’ in reference to going about life.  That said, I don’t think Furtado gives a flip about a ‘high road in life,’ considering her numerous uses of double entendres. I mean, the title is a double entendre is nothing else – “Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)” c’mon peeps!

The second verse makes her points more obvious – “The boy going to feel my poison/I know he can’t stand the rain…”     Um ok, we’ll leave that at that… She then continues on in her ‘innocent’ lyricism to sing “…You got my rum rum shaking them another back… and I never have to fake it fake it…” Yep, definitely not about earrings by any means. I believe Britney Spears put it best in her classic “Oops (I Did It Again)” when she sang “…I’m not that innocent…” (and she wasn’t). A song proposed and posited to be about earrings is one of the most clever dirty songs on radio in 2012… The question is, how many will be able to decipher Furtado’s sometimes indecipherable lyrics/vocals and understand her hidden agenda.  There’s a lot to them-there hoops y’all!!!

Here are all of the lyrics…



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