“Lemme See,” Usher featuring Rick Ross – Single Review

Usher urges his girl “don’t talk about it, be about it, lemme see” in this slinky cut from Raymond’s upcoming June album.  The production is superb unsurprisingly considering Jim Jonsin produces (T.I. “Whatever You Like,”Kelly Rowland “Motivation”). The hip-hop drums are in full effects alongside mysterious, restrain synth-driven sound.  Usher’s vocals play a bit much into auto tune – I mean, why does Usher need auto tune? In this instance, to Raymond’s credit, it is being used as an effect (on the verses mostly) and wears off towards the end of the cut where it is all Raymond without any assists.

Among the best lyrics are the overt pre-chorus (bridge to the chorus): “…She says she wanna take her skirt off, be my guest/I decided to take my shirt off, and show my chest!/And we been sipping on that Merlot…” Leaves nothing to the imagination right? The refrain is catchy as well (“…Don’t talk about it be about it, lemme see…”) making “Lemme See” stick with the listener. Rick Ross always assists well, even if Usher holds things down just fine, ‘Teflon Don’ or not. I’m interested to see (hear rather) what Usher’s Looking For Myself album will be like.

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