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Artistic Foolishness on April Fools Day 

Miley Cyrus-20140221-7

Sigh, sometimes even the biggest artists make some of the most foolish decisions during their careers.  2014 hasn’t been shy of stupid choices from today’s musicians.  There have been enough missteps to make one roll their eyes or simply shake there heads.  What better way to ring in April, specifically April ‘Fools’ Day then to examine artist’s moments of shame?  Here are four examples of foolishness that make me SMH.

#1:  Justin Bieber’s Every Move

Justin Bieber2-20131021-53Salvaging a successful career initially characterized by its cleanliness continues to become more and more distant for one Justin Bieber.  If 2014 was thought to be a year of mature growth and redirection for Bieber, it has been more of a repeat of 2013, only much more extreme.  An artist who once thanked “God” and “Jesus” during an acceptance speech seems to have completely given into devilish intentions as of late.  Too much noise continues to tarnish the Biebz’s image and definitely does nothing for delivering new music or truly establishing his artistic niche in his twenties.  Additionally, the crowd the pop star chooses to hang with is questionable at best. Music seems the furthest thing from the artist’s mind at this point.

 #2: Chief Keef’s ‘I.D.G.A.F.’ Attitude

Chief Keef-20121023-77Chief Keef is utter foolishness exemplified…I’m convinced that Chief Keef is going to destroy his own career pretty early on.  He truly doesn’t give a buck.  I’m no fortuneteller, but all indications would predict this given the irresponsible and rebellious tone of his music in addition to his highly publicized personal issues at such a young age.  Songs like “I Don’t Like”, “Hate Being Sober” and the most recent “F*ck Rehab” certainly are neither positive nor redeeming, showcasing an artist who’s incredibly immature and irresponsible.  Keef definitely means what he raps about, but perhaps he should choose both better lyrical choices and be mindful of his actions (“actions speak louder than words”).

#3: Miley Cyrus… Enough Said

Miley Cyrus2-20140221-6Miley Cyrus is one of a kind – that’s an understatement.  Ole girl took artist transformation to a new level in 2013 and never looked back.  Maybe she should have… Personally, reinventing yourself is no sin or crime in the least – its making yourself relevant to gain a bigger and broader fan base.  That said, isn’t there a limit to the reinvention that separates it from utter foolishness?  Doesn’t shock value have a short leash before it grows incredibly annoying and in bad taste? “Wrecking Ball” wasn’t a shocking song in itself last year, but Cyrus opting for being nude on the wrecking ball was.  This year, “Adore You” takes the prize, with Cyrus going so far as to touch herself, to put it kindly.  Of course, there’s been all the stories of blunts, tongue action, viral prom date videos, etc.  Foolishness – definitely!

#4: Reality Singing Competitions

Candice Glover2-20140214-115The biggest reality television enthusiast (myself) has lost interest in reality singing competitions, so much so that I’ve avoided both American Idol and The Voice.  And let me just say, I feel like a tremendous burden has been released! With X Factor already booted, how far behind are the rest? American Idol has proven that a viable music career can be built from success on a television show (Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood among others), but it has also shown that it doesn’t consistently happen (Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, and Candice Glover).  For every triumph on Idol, what about the disgruntled Idol contestant that didn’t taste that same slice of success? Then for every success, what about those who only got 15 minutes and no more?

The Voice at this point is arguably the more entertaining show of the two given Adam Levine and Blake Shelton’s inseparable ‘bromance’, but aside from an okay opening week from victor Cassadee Pope, the commercial success is missing big time.   Entertaining these shows can be to an extent, aren’t they just toying with potential artists, who might benefit more with a different approach to achieving their shot? Foolishness – YEP!

Heartbreak City: It’s The End For Robin Thicke and Paula Patton

Paula Patton Robin Thicke-AES-123457

Speaking from the perspective of a bachelor, being single isn’t too bad.  Sure, you get lonely sometimes, and you may not have someone to share your innermost secrets with but – yeah being single can suck! For those who have found their soul mate (cue the late-great Gerald LeVert’s song “Soul Mate” please), better yet their wife or husband, marriage, if approached equally from both sides, certainly should be the most wonderful thing, like ever… EVER!  I wouldn’t know mind you, but I imagine if I were to find the right gal, were to “put a ring on it” (sings “Single Ladies”), a brother would have it M.A.D.E. Scareface album from 2007.  Sigh, “all this love talk”…. Oops, one of my own lyrics. LOL.

But enough chitter-chattering from moi about hopeless romanticism and emo-love – “ain’t nobody got time for that!” (any number of sources, be it the viral video, Childish Gambino, or otherwise). I’m not usually one to even give a celebrity split the time of day unless its one of Taylor Swift’s endless breakups that turns into an annoyingly-delicious country/pop song (“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, “I Knew You Were Trouble.”, “Dear John”) or of course Justin Bieber.  However, after having such a big year, I can’t leave my boy Robin Thicke out of the gossip – err news.  The news that broke recently was that Robin Thicke and teenage sweetheart Paula Patton are separating following eight years of marriage and being linked together for what, two decades?

Well, we all know that relationships in “Hollywood” (regardless if that’s where they actually take place) are usually short-lived.  But for a while, it seemed Thicke and Patton seemed to work.  As of yet, there are no concrete details on the reasons for the break-up and honestly, and its really none of our business.  That said, much has been said about Thicke’s ‘behavior’ and no that doesn’t completely lay blame nor completely neglect that god-awful, abysmal, and ill-fitting Beetlejuice suit that was violated by Miley Cyrus’ more horrific twerking at the MTV VMAs.  JUST SAYING – It really didn’t help that Cyrus really “won’t stop” and “can’t stop” when she really, really NEEDS TO [BLEEP] STOP! Sigh! Apparently, Mr. Thicke seems to “get around”.  Again, speculation and gossip are horrid things, but one has to wonder, did a potentially “Unfaithful” Robin Thicke drive Patton crazy, making her feel undervalued? Did you catch the Rihanna song reference?

Here’s a “slow motion” version of Miley’s infamous VMAs performance for your enjoyment… or torture.

Then again, one has to question the incredibly controversial “Blurred Lines” and its effect.  Not only was the song raunchy regardless of what he and Pharrell intended, but the video was X-rated.   Yeah men enjoyed it – why wouldn’t they? But ask most married men if their wives would be okay with them filming a music video with nude women? That would be grounds for break-up or divorce for many right there, I can assure you and I ain’t put a ring on no one’s finger!  If the nude females didn’t do it, perhaps the reference to the size of the “crown jewels” would truly be the last straw… If you don’t catch my drift, well watch “Blurred Lines” again for yourself.

Sure, “Blurred Lines” was the biggest hit of Thicke’s career, trumping his more chivalrous “Lost Without U” from 2006 (The Evolution of Robin Thicke).   “Lost Without U” could be argued to be the better song of the two because of messaging, but it only made it into the top twenty.  “Blurred Lines” was the gift that just kept on giving, through theft charges, misogyny, and general bad taste.  The voters at the Recording Academy knew they couldn’t even reward the juggernaut – it’s lack of substance, despite its addictiveness, was just in “bad taste”.  No song references here, sorry!

Robin Thicke-AES-123459Did “Blurred Lines” destroy the Thicke marriage? Likely not, but for as much success as Thicke had after a lengthy career in the period of one year (2013), there has been an equal amount of controversy.  It was once said that “controversy sells”.  While it does to an extent, when does controversy become too much? Same could be said with marriage.  With whatever problem that arises, where is the breaking point? I mean, Keri Hilson said “Every women has a breaking point y’all…” (I think this was before she threw shade at Beyoncé).  When does a spouse’s bad decisions reach past the point of repair and too damaging to patch up?  Being the positive being I am, I hope that Thicke and Patton can one day work out their differences (Yep cue up “We Can Work It Out” by The Beatles) whatever they may be, but as of now, they are “Done.” – The Band Perry.  Go ahead and give me kudos for my country music reference.  Peace peeps!

BTW, in all seriousness, separation and divorce is no laughing matter.  But I think that many truly perceptive pop culture fanatics could tell something just wasn’t right…

Justin Bieber’s Been Arrested…More Drama For The Pop Star

Justin Bieber-IHA-020658

Last year around Grammys time, it seemed a snubbed Justin Bieber did everything in his power to put the attention on himself.  This year, prior to the Grammys, Bieber has attention on himself, but it makes his staged publicity stunts last year look pretty tame.  After more than a year of horrid, utterly ridiculous and irresponsible behavior, the 19-year old pop star has been arrested for possible drag racing and DUI. At the rate that the singer is going, things are looking just plain awful for Bieber.  First it was egg-throwing, now its driving while being wasted and racing.  SMH!

As I’ve alluded to several times following Bieber’s career, particularly as of late, his focus seems to have completely shifted from music to excess.  The music seems to be taken for granted by the pop star, who with new found cockiness, seems to be more concerned about being a bad boy of sorts. Shirtless instagram photos are one thing, as are tattoos, but a 19-year old who has been viewed as something of a role model and heartthrob for very young fans getting arrested for DUI and even more dumbly for drag racing is troublesome.  It’s more troublesome because at 19, Bieber shouldn’t be so entangled in such adult matters.  There’s adults who have never been entangled in such ‘adult matters’ as Bieber finds himself.

Justin Bieber2-20131021-53I’m no Justin Bieber fan, but I knew he was going to blow up when I first began following his career.  Somewhere along the line, fame and its privileges have truly ruined him.  After the turbulent year of ‘growing pains’ Bieber experienced in 2013, you’d think that the man Bieber claims to be would actually begin to show in his actions and the decisions he makes.  Instead, much like last year, things seem to be crumbling apart for Bieber, and that ‘crumbling’ is more extreme than last year.  Bieber holds the deck of cards, but they way he plays them determines where he goes not only as an artist and pop cultural phenomenon, but also how he ultimately ends up as a person.  At this point, it is safe to say, regardless of what comes of this arrest/charges, Justin Bieber needs help before he goes “a bridge too far.”

Justin Bieber Continues Down A Rocky Path… One Year Later

Justin Bieber-IHA-020658

After a mixed 2013 (arguably sporting very little ‘swaggy’), Justin Bieber begins 2014 with a bang.  Like the majority of headlines in 2013, 2014’s headline could result in the pop star’s biggest faux pas yet.  Sure, as appalling as it was, it was funny to see Bieber grow so intense last year at the paparazzi, threatening to “f**king beat the f**k out of you,” but the present incident really is douche bag move.  Bieber, being the mature and sensible 19-year old that he is, apparently egged his neighbor’s house.  Real mature Justin, real mature.  Unsurprisingly, the rebellious Canadian pop star cursed out his neighbor (of course the f-bomb) and seemed proud of his actions.  Honestly, he’s the only one that seems to be impressed.

Justin b2-20131219-9Much like my critical posts last year about the star who suffering from the tremendous growing pains, it seems that Bieber’s privilege could one day potentially be his undoing.  For most of us who consider Bieber’s behavior to be completely unchecked and out of control, we hope it is sooner than later.   That may sound harsh or hateful, but someone or something is going to have to check this irresponsible Bieber and give him a true reality check. If Bieber previously came over as this humble, innocent kid patterning his musical style and career after Usher, he now comes over as a complete a-hole.  Regardless how he felt about his neighbors or what his intents were, Bieber made a very dumb decision to vandalize someone else’s property and seems to show no interest in taking responsibility.

Musically, I’ll admit I have criticisms of Bieber – many critics do.  But, much like last year, it seems that Bieber is once more going to let his turbulent personal life overtake his music.  Last year, the approach certainly didn’t buy the singer new fans.  Whether this egging incident is part of Bieber’s desire for attention, a stupid childish prank, or a mix of both, this has nothing to with Bieber’s artistry.  For someone who previously stated he should be taken serious as an artist, perhaps Bieber should begin living up to his words and focus on his craft, not doing dumb things that detract and distract.  Biebz – time to cut the crap and be a ‘real man’, not a wannabe.

Miley’s ‘Means To Ends’ Is Questionable

Miley Cyrus-20130917-29

Miley Cyrus-PZH-000280Justin Bieber lately you get a temporary pass from me buddy… at least until the Miley Cyrus phenomenon, machine or whatever it is ends. I’m hoping it ends soon, for all of our sakes.  My new favorite person to scrutinize for irresponsible actions is Billy Ray’s daughter, and rightfully so. Basically, all the criticism and jeering is justified.  Miley Cyrus is going through a ‘shock’ phase to get attention and the saddest part is that it is working and that is sad.  I understand she needs attention to give her a decent stab at a comeback, particularly after Can’t Be Tamed was pretty tame in sales from start to finish, but still, she’s taken it to a new level.

Sex always garners attention, so Cyrus has decided to sex up her image.  Fine, seems the natural course of action for any teen star… good or bad.  Add some hip-hop culture to the mix and now Miley has ‘swag’ (“We Can’t Stop”).   Perform given breakout single at VMAs, wear provocative clothing, scar children’s minds for ever by destroying the sanctity of the teddy bear, spank someone’s butt, strip, twerk on Robin Thicke and change the purpose of a foam finger forever…Hmm…Okay…  Then throw in tears, a wrecking ball, a sledgehammer, nudity, and plenty of tongue action, and you have a number one single (“Wrecking Ball”).  Well, the song’s good at least.

miley-cyrus-67Now Miley has taken a page out of Green Day’s book at the I Heart Radio Music Festival by making it more buzz worthy on internet traffic than it would’ve been.  Congratulations, maybe? I dunno.  Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong had a breakdown on the 2012 festival that led to a stint at rehab and certainly didn’t help propel sales of the band’s trio of albums released in the fall of the same year (they basically bombed). At the 2013 edition, it was Miley’s outrageous outfit that drew attention, though certainly didn’t have quite the disturbing effect that Billie Joe’s um issues.  Still, the outfit seems so unnecessary.  Why does Miley have to go so, um, trashy?  That’s the aspect of the new Miley I just can’t wrap my brain around.

PHOTOS: Miley Cyrus performing at the 2013 iHeartRadio Music Festival

WATCH: Miley Cyrus is brought to tears on the iHeartRadio Music Festival Village stage

Miley Cyrus25-20130917-26I mean, Miley has a song I actually like in “Wrecking Ball” and I didn’t mind “We Can’t Stop” that much (could’ve done without all the processing and that “molly” lyric).  So why can’t Cyrus’s endeavors be about the music and promoting it in a more refined manner? Why does everything have to become sexual innuendo?  What makes it worse is that it’s clumsy and awkward at that.  I mean there’s nothing wrong with a little naughtiness, but Cyrus’s ‘means’ to achieve a successful album and reinvigorate career seem a bit irresponsible to me.  Maybe it’s just hunger for stardom or renewed stardom, but still, the shock value is offensive, at least in my opinion.

Opinion: Justin Bieber Pathway To Epic Failure Continues…

Justin Bieber2-20130729-106

I really should be tired of writing about him, but when your life is as crazy, yet colorful as Justin Bieber’s, well there is never any shortage for us pop culture loving bloggers to scrutinize.  Face it, Justin Bieber is nothing short of a hot mess. No I don’t care if I get any random twitter mentions with nasty rebuttals because I speak the truth – all trill here baby! I repeat, JUSTIN BIEBER IS A HOT MESS!  If you think he’s a hottie not guilty of anything, then read no further than this.  Just saying!

Yes, there are plenty of young girls who think Bieber going shirtless showing off his array of ink is the ‘second coming’ and ultimately think he’s the coolest thing since… well ever. But us mature folks know better and are pretty doggone sick of this 19-year old’s clearly immature and irresponsible antics.  Maybe Bieber is trying to ‘flex’ his teenage muscles and act grown, but Bieber’s idea of being grown is completely out of order.

Justin Bieber-20130729-107The latest fiasco of bad behavior? Bieber apparently brought home two older ladies from the club and according to NY Daily News, he apparently used a flashlight to pick his women of choice in the club.  Of course, nothing with Bieber is without drama anymore as we’ve all found out too often.  And nope, the flashlight wasn’t even the drama I was referencing!  Bieber gets into a verbal argument with another guy (you remember that one incident where Justin Bieber threatened the paparazzi with those colorful f-bombs?), who ends up with bruised ribs and a black eye after JB’s entourage beats him.  The end.  Oh and you know what a part of the argument… a bow tie!  Like Bieber’s contemporary Conor Maynard said on “Girls Can’t Say No”, “Houston, I think we’ve got a problem”.

What will it take to bring Justin Bieber back to earth? What will it take to make him a compassionate human being as opposed to nothing short of the brattiest of brats? Where is this need to act so foolishly and tarnish his reputation coming from? I personally could care less whether he tarnishes his reputation or not (call me a cruel heartless son of a gun), but I do think he’s Justin Bieber-20130618-10going to regret if he messes up a grand opportunity.  Justin Bieber is not the ‘end all be all’ of pop music… he’s not bigger than the trends, no matter how many albums he’s sold or how many tween girls thinks his abs are da bomb.

The peak of one’s fame, particularly in this age only lasts a season. If Bieber continues going in the adverse direction that he is currently, his season may just barely make it to his 20th birthday.  Justin, please put a shirt on, pull up your pants, and get it together! Better yet, do all those things I just prescribed and sit down somewhere!!! SMH!!!


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